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Stories about a new way of doing business

The regenerative leader


Future Visions: Fictionalising Climate Change with the Ministry of the Future

Every so often you read a book that changes how you see the world. The Ministry of the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson is one of those books. Author of a score of sci-fi (or cli-fi) novels — many with a climate bent, where scientists and policy makers are often
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Can ice cream change the world? Really?!

GIVING OUR WORK MEANING Here’s what I’ve learned recently about 3 brands doing really cool things: for the planet, for their community and for themselves. It’s got me thinking about how Wordstruck can speak up louder about what we do. First up, Ben and Jerry’s. This is a company who’ve
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Renewable Energy Systems

Ten tips on how to write about sustainability

What is the difference between a sustainable vs a regenerative approach? In a nutshell, sustainability tends to focus on external actions and achieving targets. In business it is measured by metrics.  Nicky Sparshott, CEO of Unilever ANZ   ‘If we’re just sustainable, the risk is we’re standing still,’ says Nicky
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Orchid cuckoo bee from Levon Bliss Microsculpture. Beautiful green and blue colours.

Bugging Me

Have you ever imagined being an insect? Like, really imagined.  When we told friends we were going to Scotland, the first thing they said: don’t get midged. Summer on the west coast is notorious for black swarms of these microscopic biting flies.  For the first week in August, no problem.
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A photo taken by Aden shows the regenerative community of Tarbert - a row of pink, blue and white houses reflected in the water of the harbour, and green hills in the background.

Doing community regeneratively

Community — what does it look like for you? It’s something that I keep thinking about as we travel and stay in different places. What sort of community/communities do I want to be part of? To invest emotionally. To cheer on. To rely upon.  Island communities buying land together (rural
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Catrina Davies reading from the start of her third book based on the recollections of Hedley Ralph Collard. Why Stories About Climate Change need a hook. She sits in a small marquee on a seat, with a guitar to the right of her.

Why Stories About Climate Change Need a Hook

Finding an emotional hook is the first place I start when crafting a story. Now, as I’m getting knee-deep into my next book, I’m grappling with how to do that when writing about two big, abstract topics: climate change and regeneration.  In May, I caught up with my literary agent.
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A image taken by Claire at The Do Lectures Festival of AI generated cartoons of a 'superhero puppy'.

Cautious or curious. Which are you?

This is both a cautionary tale and a tale of curiosity.  What this isn’t, is a debate on the rights or wrongs of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). There’s been A LOT written about that and I don’t feel qualified to talk about it. Instead this is a narrow aperture of
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Doing the Do 

The Do Lectures have a global reputation. Rightly so.  A friend Ruth Kennedy first told me about them. What stayed with me was not what she said but how she talked about her experience. Her energy.  I started following Do co-founder David Hieatt’s blog, bought some of their books (Do
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A picture taken by Claire on her visit to the Peak District. The grassy banks and blue but cloud spotted sky are struck either side of the stacked rocks.

Struck down: but not for long

One day you’re striding the dales, and the next you can hardly move. That was my experience about 10 days ago.  I knew they were a lot of flu lurgies around so I thought that’s what I had. It wasn’t until I realised I’d lost my sense of smell that
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A picture taken by Claire of the stunning coastline of Prussia Cove, Cornwall. To the left, clear turquoise water meets the steep cliff edge. The coastline is covered in green grass and pink flowers.

Caring: Regeneration in Action

This week I’ve been on holiday walking some of the South West Coastal Path in Cornwall. Unlike in much of the UK, we’ve had glorious sunshine on this rugged peninsula. (The long winter I mentioned in my last post, a distant memory.)  The Coastal Path is actually many paths. They
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Picture of an electric white van decorated with colourful green and blue patterns with the slogan "Soul Food on the Move".

London Calling

Just landed in London. Doing some exciting work here with my UK client, Selfridges, and speaking about regenerative business models at the flagship event of London Climate Action Week. Thought I’d share some observations while they are fresh. 1. The EV revolution is fully underway. So many models. Cool designs.
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A screenshot from the 'Systems do change: Water Resilience in Mexico City' campaign. A colourful drawing of the concept of nature.

Systems change – and so can we

Thinking systematically is one of the hardest things I’m learning on my regenerative journey. But it’s also one of the most needed shifts.  Being regenerative is about better aligning with the living systems we all rely on… and understanding the impact of our actions on the WHOLE. Are you a
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