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Strategic Story Services

Starting with a Discovery Session through to consultancy-led programs.

How We Help

Climate Story Programs and Regenerative Storytelling

Climate Story Programs


Every business today needs a robust climate proposition, whether you’re just getting started or accelerating your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program. 

But how do you bring that to life for team members, clients, investors and suppliers?

It begins with your story.

Using substance not spin, we have three programs to choose from and can meet you wherever you are on your journey. 

Claire Scobie - Regenerative Storytelling


Wordstruck’s interactive, one-hour Climate Wheel Discovery Session will provide the insights you need to take your company’s unique climate or sustainability story forward.In just 1 hour, Dr Claire Scobie will help you understand:
  • Where your business is at the moment
  • What your next steps should be
  • How to share your company’s unique climate proposition with impact and authenticity.
Regenerative Storytelling

Regenerative Storytelling

Regeneration offers an opportunity to do business differently. Regenerative storytelling helps you share that ambition with the world.

Through 121 and group coaching, and full strategic story programs, we help ambitious companies learn this new language of business.

A regenerative perspective spotlights the potential in any project and any place. It encourages us to understand the gap between what something is and what it could be. Through this lens we co-create data-rich stories for action and change.

businesses can have a big impact

“We need a vision of a better future – a future with abundant energy, a stable economy, with resources available to all… There are solutions.”

– Katharine Hayhoe, Climate scientist