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Testimonial - Terri Janke and Company
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Testimonial - Woolies
Testimonial - Bush Heritage Australia
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Testimonial - Selfridges&Co
Using a story approach, “can help to lay out the journey in a memorable way…. When organisations are setting out big, bold sustainability ambitions, stories acknowledge progress, effort and ambition, and in turn keep people motivated and focused.”
"On a personal note - thanks so much for all your help - as you know it makes a big difference having your curious questions, positivity and coaching."
"By working with Claire, I was able to deliver a Ted Talk with confidence and use storytelling to promote a complex message to a wider audience. Personally I feel I was stretched and that’s just made me stronger. Now when I have to speak I rarely need my notes. Claire encouraged me to dig deep. This meant that I was able to really connect with the audience."
Dr Terri Janke, Founder,
Terri Janke and Company, Lawyers
“Claire did an amazing job. I heard lots of compliments about the session. We achieved our goal of starting a conversation with a broader group of management on what our future story could be… You managed the online and offline facilitation really well, weaving in lots of different people in the room (not an easy task with 50+ people). It was nicely paced with well considered exercises and an agenda that didn’t feel ambitious… but playful and fun.”
Daniel Swift, General Manager of Strategy, WooliesX
“Storytelling is an extremely powerful tool and I would encourage any leader in any sector to use it. There’s an art form in how you bring people in with stories, so you don’t use stories to evangelise, but have a cache of different stories for different audiences… Working with Claire helped get huge buy-in from the board and staff around what our 2030 strategy could look like. Plus we saw financial benefit from engaging our donors with stories from our reserves. Stories that show rigour and robustness are what really make a difference.”
Heather Campbell, CEO
Bush Heritage
"Claire makes it seem effortless, but I think there is a real art in not just telling the story, but what's the right story... I actually think it takes a lot of work and practice and discipline to do that. I don't think it's as effortless as Claire makes it seem.”
Caryn Katsikogianis - Chief People Officer
Woolworths Group